id4mart is the right solution for your e-commerce

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all types of businesses. Going digital has become imperative for businesses to survive and thrive under the COVID-19 environment. While there are many e-commerce platforms in the market, id4Mart is the right solution for you. Here is why

The following illustration explains the main features of id4Mart.

Built upon Web3.0, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain, id4mart is an integrated SaaS platform offering a total e-commerce solution through a white label web portal alongside a custom branded app (iOS and Android). It was designed to enable large enterprises and SMEs to set up their full-fledged e-commerce operation, whether it be a community marketplace, a storefront, or a business directory for a chamber of commerce or an industry association. Id4Mart is easy to use with no tech skills required, thus, especially suitable for SMEs.

id4Mart is designed and developed based on the latest technology and prevailing market trends in e-commerce. Coupled with other solutions for communication and collaboration, social networks and online communities, and personal branding, id4Mart transforms the way you run your business through a “digital ecosystem” approach. It is probably the only ecosystem solution available in the market, enabling its customers to achieve a winning competitive position through building or participating in their ecosystems.

As a community-focused e-commerce solution, id4Mart helps you grow your business through your community with a global reach. We give our corporate users the right tool to build and grow your online community to achieve customer discovery, sales generation, and brand loyalty. id4Mart offers the most cost-effective solution to our customers, helping large and small organizations to realize the full potential of e-commerce.
Here is how id4Mart adds value to your e-commerce business.

1.Total Solution for B2C and B2B E-commerce
B2B and B2C are no longer distinctive from each other. More and more enterprises start to adopt a hybrid model of B2B and B2C. With a hybrid model and well-coordinated marketing strategy, e-commerce businesses can better capture market opportunities, achieve greater efficiency, a quicker go-to-market, and perhaps better returns on marketing and advertising spend. id4Mart is an advanced digital e-commerce platform to enable businesses to set up and operate their e-commerce efficiently. Our solution also supports a subscription model for your e-business. id4Mart integrates with your existing systems seamlessly, whether it be an already existing e-commerce platform or other ERP systems like CRM, accounting or H.R., etc. As an easy-to-use one-stop solution with free storefronts and most competitive commission rates, id4Mart is an ideal digital partner for SMEs.

2.Grow Your Business and Brand through White-label Portal and App
id4Mart helps grow your business and your brand at the same time with a white-label and custom-designed portal and app. It allows you to take advantage of the rising mobile commerce to meet the demand for instant convenience of your consumers and business customers. Sales and purchase transactions can be conducted anytime and anywhere. And more importantly, your brand is not buried in the transactions; instead, it grows with your business.

3.Excellent User Experience through Headless Commerce and Social Commerce
Id4Mart is designed as a headless e-commerce platform, which gives e-commerce operators flexibility and options to provide a better user experience. It is a powerful feature for those experience-based brands, e.g., lifestyle brands, to adopt a content-led marketing strategy. Id4Mart fits your business if you want to set up a new e-commerce function or integrate it into your existing e-commerce platform. Headless commerce opens up new possibilities, enabling brands to provide more personalized options to customers.

Id4Mart offers an advanced social commerce tool that allows the sale of a product or service to be conducted instantly anytime and anywhere.

4.Build Your Own Social Media Platform
id4Mart integrated solutions allow you to build and grow your branded social media platform,  manage all your social media accounts in one place, and conduct omni-channel marketing. It creates a closed environment where only digitally verified users enter the community, facilitate two-way real-time communication, and transmits information effortlessly to grow the depth of information of the community. It also makes it possible to split the community into smaller sub-groups to allow focused and moderated discussions to keep the community healthy and dynamic.

5.Build, Manage, and "Control" Your Trust-based Online Community
The way you handle customer relationships has a significant impact on your business. Id4Mart is uniquely designed to facilitate the development of your community with specific tools of customer communication and engagement. Id4Mart helps you engage with your customers constantly with our built-in features like customer review, blogging, and information sharing, providing an incredible user experience. Our real-time communication solution allows you to communicate with customers instantly and respond to the market speedily. With our advanced features, your organization's designated representative can monitor and modify the content posted to ensure the health of your community. At the same time, community members' content positively benefits the community.

6.Enhanced Security and Privacy
Our algorithms allow e-commerce businesses to focus on their local community, contributing to the Buy Local movement. Using hyper-ledger technology, we ensure only digitally verified members are allowed into your community. Our multi-layer authentication significantly enhances the security of transactions and the platform and enables you to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers, suppliers, and alike. User data and privacy is safely protected at id4Mart through adopting AWS cloud services.

7.Additional Functionalities Relevant to Your E-commerce Business
In addition to our powerful e-commerce features, as an integrated SaaS platform, we also offer a new-generation personal branding and social networking solution. If you are a large enterprise, your company is already a sizable community. By providing a personal branding tool to your staff as a fringe benefit, you may open up new opportunities for the company and the employees. You may also benefit from our event management, public survey, and crowdfunding functions. Our personal appointment scheduling feature allows you to manage your calendar for business meetings as well as goods delivery.

To conclude, id4Mart incorporates the most advanced features of headless commerce, mobile commerce and social commerce to provide a total solution for B2C and B2B e-commerce. Its customer ecosystem approach makes it stand out from the market competition. id4Mart offers all that SMEs need for e-commerce.