id4Mart – community-focused B2C+B e-marketplace

Covid-19 brings challenges to all types of businesses. A few emerging trends seem to be seminal: shift to digital, shift to trusted brands, and multi-shoring of supply chains are accelerating. As a community-focused B2C+B e-commerce solution, id4Mart helps you grow your business while maintaining your brand identity, and contribute to the development of a trust-based community economy at the same time.Our integrated digital solutions allow you to build and grow your online community to achieve customer discovery, sales generation and brand loyalty.. Get Started

White label and custom-designed portal for B2C+B

At id4Mart, we endeavor to help grow your business and your brand at the same time. id4Mart offers a white-label and custom-designed portal, enabling you to manage your online B2C2B transactions easily and securely. And more importantly, your brand is not buried in the transactions, instead, it grows with your business. Get Started

Turn your marketplace into a community

Your relationship with your customers has a great impact on your business. id4Mart is uniquely designed to facilitate the development of your community with distinctive tools of customer communication and engagement. id4Mart helps you engage with your customers constantly with our built-in features like customer review, blogging and information sharing, which enables you to provide a pleasant digital experience to users. Our real-time communication solution allows you to communicate with customers instantly and respond to the market speedily.Get Started

Integrated approach to online marketing

IDHUBS' integrated solutions allow you to manage all your social media accounts in one place and to tackle your online marketing more effectively and in a controlled manner. IDHUBS creates a closed environment where only digitally verified users into the community, facilitate two-way real-time communication and saving conversations and transmit information effortlessly to grow the depth of information of the community. It also makes possible splitting the community into smaller sub-groups to allow focused and moderated discussions to keep the community healthy. Get Started

Commission-based model & competitive rates

id4Mart only charges commission on successful transactions and offers competitive commission rates. Get Started