Charitable not-for-profit organizations (nonprofits) need to turn digital savvy and develop new income streams to keep themselves financially stable and sustainable. E-commerce, therefore, becomes a strategic initiative at the organizational level.

Before deciding which e-commerce platform to use, nonprofits may need to answer some critical questions such as:

  • Do you want to build up your brand?
  • Do you need to set up an online community marketplace, storefront, or business directory?
  • Do you need just a website portal, or you need an app as well?
  • How important is it to build your community and keep them connected and engaged at all times?
  • Does the cost of e-commerce operation matter?
If your answer is yes, then id4Mart should be your first choice.
Total solution for your branded B2C+B2B e-commerce

id4Mart offers a total e-commerce solution, enabling nonprofits to set up their full-fledged e-commerce operation supporting mobile commerce and social commerce.

  • E-marketplace, storefront, and business directory
  • White-label website portal and app (iOS and Android) to protect your brand
  • Social commerce & mobile commerce
  • Easy-to-use, requiring no technical skills
Community focus with global reach
Omni-channel Marketing Leveraging Social Media, SEO and Data Analytics

id4Mart’s integrated solutions enable you to establish your social media platform and bring all other social media links together under your storefront

  • Integrate online and brick and mortar sales
  • Build your own social media platform
  • Bring all other social media links together
  • Customer reviews, blogging, photo, and video sharing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO and data analytics
Building and Engaging with Your Trust-based Online Community

id4Mart’s integrated solutions facilitate community building with practical tools of real-time member communication and engagement. It helps keep your members connected and engaged at all times.

  • Trust-based community platform with digitally verified members only
  • Manage all your social media accounts in one place
  • Member communication and collaboration
Free Storefront and low commission

id4Mart provides a free online storefront with full e-commerce functionalities and features. Only a 10% commission is charged on transactions.

Additional integrated features

  • Event management
  • Crowdfunding
  • Customer survey
  • Email marketing
  • Team collaboration
  • Video conferencing and instant messaging
  • Team collaboration
  • Stakeholder engagement