You get a Free Storefront

id4mart, an online community-focused marketplace that connects sellers with buyers, offers a free storefront, delivered with a unique URL to anyone selling vintage items, handmade goods, art, crafts, etc. To set up your store is just a couple of simple steps away. You can create a pleasant and professional profile, highlighting your skills and expertise, sharing photos and videos. If you have an physical store, you can share the store information like location and directory, working hours, and contact information. The storefront allows unlimited listing of product varieties, flexible modes of offering such as subscription selling or one-time selling. Id4mart gives the ultimate convenience for sellers and shoppers through mobile commerce and social commerce tools, where you can carry out your online business anytime and anywhere.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

id4mart offers social media features, which enable you to write and publish your blogs and interact with your customers through customer reviews and social sharing. You can integrate your other social media accounts right under your store so that you can distribute your creative marketing content across all channels. Your storefront URL becomes your unique store address identity. Our integrated google search engine optimization (SEO) features allow you to promote yourself and your listed products using target keywords, product meta tags, etc., which are eventually captured by the google engine
Latest Technology, Full Service and Low Commission

You are given a free storefront with full-fledged e-commerce and social media marketing features powered by Web3.0, artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies. Id4mart only charges 10% as service commission for each completed transaction.

At id4mart, we have our dedicated customer success team to assist our customers in achieving their business success.